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Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza, Pakistani fruit drink
Rooh Afza (Hindi: रूह अफ़ज़ा, Bengali: রূহ আফজা, Urdu: روح افزہ) is a non-alcoholic concentrated squash made with fruits, herbs and vegetable extracts. It was formulated by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed[1] in 1906 in Ghaziabad, India[2] and manufactured by the companies founded by him and his sons, Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories. Other companies formulate the same un-patented recipe in India and Pakistan. The specific Unani recipe of Rooh Afza combines several of popularly-believed cooling agents, like rose, and used as remedy for loo, hot summer winds. It is sold commercially as a syrup to flavor sherbets, cold milk drinks, ices and cold desserts, such as the popular falooda.[3]
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