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JHARA Pahalwan

JHARA Pahalwan (real name: Zubair Aslam, died 11 September 1991) was a well known professional wrestler in Pakistan. He belongs to a prominent wrestling family. He was the Pakistani Champion of the past era. He was a powerhouse of wrestling like his father Aslam Pahalwan. He was also a master of the art of mud-wrestling like his uncle Bholu Pahalwan. He possessed speed and fast reflexes like Bholu. He was trained in wrestling by different wrestlers including Arshad Bijli. The private residence and training center of Jhara Pahalwan were in the neighborhoods of Pir Makki.
During his early days Jhara fought his initial wrestling match against Zawar Multani in the city of Multan. He defeated Multani twice. He also participated in some free style wrestling matches in Pakistan and abroad. He won a match with the Japanese wrestling champion Antonio Inoki in a controversial encounter .Inoki had previously defeated his Uncle Akram Pehlwan(Aki Pehlwan).
Jhara died of heart failure. At that time of death he was only 29 years old.
He started his international wrestling in the age of just only 16 year. His height was 6'.2" and weight was nearly 96 kg.
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