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Bangladesh 1971 war investigation... By Khawaja

Indian T-55 tanks on their way to Dhaka.
Indian T-55 tanks on their way to Dhaka.
According to Media news Bangladesh special 1971 war investigation tribunal sentenced to death another Jamat-e-Islami activist who was just nineteen years old at the time of 1971 war. Jamat-e-Islami third activist received death sentence after formation of war investigation tribunal set by Sheikh Hasina government. Now to due to political unrest and continuous strikes country poor population are paying high price. Now public protest and strikes are becoming daily routine in country more than half million people gathered on capital streets and show their anger against government.
Due to Brutal use of force by security forces and killing of hundreds of people now protest is spreading out side capital Dhaka and things are going bad to worse every day. Several videos are circulating on social media showing heavily armed police deliberately targeting unarm protestors. Human rights organizations claim that death tool is much higher because security forces use live ammunition against unarm protestors. Opposition parties claim that government is trying to divert attention of people from real issues. Only last month more than thousand people lost their lives when garment factory collapsed during working hours. In another incident ten people lost their lives due to fire in another garment factory. Now European Union show serious concerns over poor safety standard of Bangladeshi textile industry which is backbone of country economy.
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