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Torkham is a border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan right on the Durand Line border. It connects Nangarhar province of Afghanistan with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It is the busiest port of entry between the two countries, serving as a major transporting, shipping, and receiving site. 

In Pakistan, Torkham lies at the end of the N-5 National Highway that is connected to Peshawar in the east. Transported goods arrive to Tokham from the port city of Karachi in Sindh Province.

Torkham is only five kilometres west of the summit of the Khyber Pass.

Torkham and the vast surrounding area is inhabited by ethnic Pashtuns.

NATO supply route
Torkham lies on the most important supply route for US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan's government sometimes block supplies. 

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