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A tomb, considered to be that of Anarkali, is located in the site of the Punjab Civil Secretariat in Lahore and now possesses the Punjab Records Office. In past, it had been converted into a Christian church by the aggressive British. A market which is located nearby on The Mall Road is named Anarkali bazaar after Anarkali. It is one of the oldest vestigial markets in Pakistan, at least 200 years old.

Anarkali was a legendary captive girl who belongs from Lahore, Punjab, which is now a part of Pakistan. In the Mughal era, she was apparently ordered by Mughal emperor Akbar to be buried alive between two walls for having an adulterous affair with Prince Nuruddin Salim who later to become ruler Jahangir. But due to the missing proof and facts, the whole story of Anarkali is generally considered to be either false or heavily exaggerated. However, the story of Anarkali is admired by many of among us and has been taken into literature, art and cinema.
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