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Mohajir Qaumi Movement (Haqiqi)

Mohajir Qaumi Movement (Haqiqi) whose leader is Afaq Ahmed is a political party claiming to struggle for the rights of the Mohajir (Urdu speaking people) in Sindh, Pakistan. Mohajir Qaumi Movement was formed by Altaf Hussain. Presently Mohajir Quami Movement is known as Haqiqi group, the party is a break away faction of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement (which was later renamed to Muttahida Qaumi Movement headed by Altaf hussain who is living in Self-exile in London.
Afaq ahmed party, still goes on with the founding name of Mohajir Qaumi Movement sometimes written as Mqm-Haqiqi and Altaf Hussain party faction goes by the name of Mutthaida Qaumi Movement.
Afaq Ahmed was arrested in 2004, he was accused of different murder cases but after almost eight years of imprisonment, court did not find him guilty in any allegation and on 17 December 2011 the Sindh High Court declared Afaq Ahmed's imprisonment under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) illegal and ordered him to be set free
Afaq Ahmed is now reorganizing his party Mohajir Qaumi Movement to take part in next elections while his senior part member, a rebel Amir has rejoined Altaf's party Muttahda Qaumi Movement and has pardoned by Altaf.
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