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Dil Dil Pakistan

Vital Signs 1
Vital Signs 
Dil Dil Pakistan (Urdu: دل دل پاکستان) is a patriotic song from Pakistan. It was released in 1987 by the Pakistani pop band, Vital Signs. It was included in the band's debut album Vital Signs 1 in 1989.[1][2]
Dil Dil Pakistan became popular after its release giving it the status of a Pop Anthem or Second National Anthem of Pakistan.[2]
In the 2003, BBC World Service international poll of the ten most famous songs of all time, Dil Dil Pakistan was third.[3]
This Songs is also popular in India and copy of one of Indian movie Yaadon Ke Mausam in 1990.

 Music video

The song's music video was filmed in Pakistani capital, Islamabad and was one of the first Pakistani pop videos. Compared to its contemporary videos, it is quite simple and less elaborate.
In most scenes of the video, the members of Vital Signs are riding bicycles or driving a jeep around the city. In one scene, the group is performing on the slope of a small hill. At the end, all of the band members appear in a rather simplistic studio and the video ends after a few seconds.[4][5]


Lyrics of Dil Dil Pakistan are also very simple and do not contain exaggeration.[4]
The lyricist of the song is disputed as many poets have claimed to have written this song. However, the most important and undisputed person in the creation of this song is its producer Shoaib Mansoor who is given most of the credit for the production.[6] The artwork of this album was designed by Jaffer Hussain.[citation needed]
Lead singer of Vital Signs, Junaid Jamshed tells that the band and the producer were working on a love song but all efforts seemed to be unsuccessful. At last, Shoaib Mansoor abandoned the idea of love song and decided to work on a patriotic one, and as a result Dil Dil Pakistan was created.[2][7]
Even after the break-up of Vital Signs, Junaid Jamshed is still requested to sing Dil Dil Pakistan.[1][2]
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