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Shandur Pass

Shandoor Lake By Rakaposhi.
The height of this pass is 3738 m above sea level, it connects Gupis, Gilgit with Chitral. The top is flat, a plateau and can be crossed between late April and early November. The grade is very gradual, and the area is crossed by small streams of trout. Grazing in summer is plentiful.
Every year there is a Polo match played on Shandur Top between a team from Chitral and a team from Gilgit.
Shandur Top is one of the four major mountain passes to enter Chitral. The others are Dorah Pass from Badakshan in Afghanistan, Lowari Pass from Dir, and Broghol Pass from the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan.
The people who live on both sides of Shandur Top speak the Khowar language.
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