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Rawalakot is a town in Azad Kashmir, and is the district headquarter of Poonch Division and Poonch District. It is in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills.

Rawalakot is located at Latitude 33°51'32.18"N, Longitude 73° 45'34.93"E and an Elevation of 5374 feet. Rawalakot is approximately 76 kilometres (47 mi) from Kohala, Pakistan and about 120 km (75 mi) from the city of Rawalpindi. It is linked with Rawalpindi and Islamabad via Goyain Nala and Tayeen roads. It is also linked with Rawalpindi via Sudhnuti.

Surrounding villages of Rawalakot are Pachiot, Chirooti, Baghina, Datote, Barien, Ballari, Argali, Paniola, Zairat, Kharian, Laghriat, Singola Awanabad, Thorar, Mong, Androte, Rehara, Hurna Maira, Kottera, Barian Pothi, Khayi Gala, Kharick, Rairbun, Topa Soon (Soon Topa 8 km from Rawalakot), Kaimon, Titrot, Motialmara, Trar Dewan, Chaire, Chapanidahar, Chuck, Tranni, Dahmni, Parat, Pothi Bala/Makwalan, Kharek, Pakgali,Paniola, Banakha, Khayt Chrian, Mohri Farman Shah, Cheahr, Chak, Dreak, Banjosa, Hussainkot, Hurnamaira, Thorar, Rehara, Bangoin, Jandala, Timrot, Jehlary and Thala Tain, Pachiot,Harrola, Bhagiana,Bangaion,Shoukat Abad, Nailyaan,Kheeryan,Tolipir. Bagh District lies to the north and Sudhnuti District lies to the south of Rawalakot.

Travel routes
Construction of the Ghazi-i-Millat road (also known as Guoien Nulla road ) between Rawalakot and Azad Pattan has considerably reduced travel times, it is main road which is connecting Islamabad/Rawalpindi with Rawalakot city. A bus across the LOC, the Poonch-Rawalakot bus has helped to re-establish ties across the border.

Road links
The road passing through Jalooth-Paniola connects Rawalakot to Bagh and Muzaffarabad. The other road that passes through Mohri Farman Shah, Shuja Abad is the shortest possible road link that connects Rawalakot city with Bagh. Murree, Islamabad and Rawalpindi are in a southward direction from Rawalakot. The town has another road link with Kotli. Rawalakot Airport is non-operational, as there is no demand for the air service provided by Pakistan International Airlines. The airport has been closed since 1998.

Rawalakot features a subtropical highland climate (Cwb) under the K√∂ppen climate classification due to high altitude. Rawalakot has mild to warm temperatures during the spring and autumn, humid temperatures during summer and cold to snowy during the winter. The temperature can rise as high as 38 °C (100 °F) during the mid-summer months and drop below −3 °C (27 °F) during the winter months. Snowfall can occur in December and January, while most rainfall occurs during the monsoon season stretching from July to September. 

Rawalakot has no theatres; however, the university does have some cultural events.

Daily Dharti Rawalakot is an Urdu language news paper published from Rawalakot.[Monthly Join Hands] is also published from Rawalakot. Daily newspapers from Pakistan are available in English as well as Urdu. Voice of[7] Kashmir FM 105 Rawalakot. Icon Network Cable Television and Satellite Television Service is widely available. Parhari writers include Muhammad Sagheer Khan, Liaqet Laiq and Hameed Kamran. a Pakistani TV drama director Nadeem Siddique also belongs to Rawalakot

Banjosa and Toli pir two popular tourism destination in Azad Kashmir are in this area. Rawalakot Airport situated in Chak Dhamni has great attraction for tourist. Lodges, government-owned and private guest houses, and hotels are available in different parts of Rawalakot. Attractions include: mountain-based adventure tourism, rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking, summer camping and hiking, water-based adventure tourism, and paragliding. 
Hotels and rest houses

Small hotels with living accommodations are available in and around the city. Many and Government-owned cabins are also available in Rawalakot andBanjosa. Advance reservations are recommended as most of these accommodations are used by government officials on their tours.

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