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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

He was born in karachi 0n 25th December, 1876. He recevived his early education at karachi. Then he went to England and returned as a Barrester. He started his practice in Bombay and did very well as a lawyer. His fame spread far and wide. The Quaid-eAzam joined the Indian National Congress in 1905 and advised the Hindus and the Muslims to unite to fight for freedom. But the Congress disappointed him because it was working for Hindu Raj in India. He, therefore, separated himself from the Congress. He tried his best to unite the Muslims. He joined the Muslim League and brought the Muslims on one platform.

On 23rd March, 1940, the famous Pakistan Resolution was passed under his aedentleadership at Lahore. He declared that the Hindus and the Muslims were two completely different nations. Their likes and dislikes, their cultures, rites and customs and their religions are totally different from each other. He damanded a separate homeland for the Muslims of India Where they could lead their lives according to their own religions and cultures. The Hindus opposed this demand and the British refused to accept this demand. But QuaideAzam was as firm as rock so he did not budge even an inch from his mission. He led his nation to the right direction and forced the British rulers to yield to his demand. Thus, after a long struggle and numberless sacrifices of property and life, Pakistan came into existence on 14th August,1947.

The Quaid-e-Azam became the first Governor General of Pakistan. In his address to the first Constitutional Assembly, he advised the assembly to frame such laws as could uproot social evils like nepotism, bribery, smuggling from Pakistan. He granted freedom to every citizen of Pakistan to live according to his own religion. Everybody was free to go his place of worship. The Quaid eAzam did not discontinue his work despite his failing health. He Worked from dawn to dusk for the welfare of the Pakistani people. Al long last, he died on 11th September, 1948. May God Shower his blessings on Him! He is my Hero in History.

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