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Political Parties of Pakistan






Pakistan is the beautiful country of the world. Now i want to discuss about politics of Pakistan and politicians of Pakistan. Now there are 5 political parties are leading in the field of politics the name of these parties are given:

  1. PPP
  2. PML(N)
  3. PML(Q)
  4. ANP
  5. MQM
These are the leading political parties of Pakistan and they control different regions and different provinces at this time the PPP take over main federal government because they won the last elections and PML(N) hold government of Punjab and they have no ministers in federal. ANP hold the government of Khyber Pakhtonkhwa and also some ministers in federal. MQM hold government of Sindh and also they have ministers in federal government.

The abbreviation of all these parties are given below and also some additional political parties:

  • PPP >>>>>> Pakistan Pupil Party
  • PML(N) >>>>>> Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
  • PML(Q) >>>>>> Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid)
  • ANP >>>>>> Awami National Party
  • MQM >>>>>> Mutehada Qomi Movement
  • PML(F) >>>>>> Pakistan Muslim League (Functional)

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