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Nabil Ahmad Khan Gabol

Nabil Ahmad Khan Gabol (born November 16, 1962) is a prominent politician of Pakistan from Karachi. He has served as a Minister in the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan, for the portfolio of Ministry of Ports and Shipping, with his most notable contribution being the formal inauguration of the Gwadar Port in December 2008. 

Early life and education
Nabil Gabol is the son of Ahmed Khan Gabol, and grandson of Allah Bakhsh Gabol, who was the first Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly and twice mayor of Karachi. 
Though the Gabol tribe is very large, Nabil Gabol's immediate family has a separate entity and recognition apart from the tribe, noted as landowners and politicians. Born in Karachi, he has two other brothers who chose to stay away from politics, and are businessmen like their father. Gabol, on the other hand, always enjoyed interacting with his tribe in large numbers along with having a strong desire to continue the Gabol political dynasty started by his grandfather. Gabol received his early education from the well-known St Patrick's High School, Karachi. He completed his degree from Karachi University in 1982.

Political and tribal life
Nabil Gabol is the Chief Sardar of the Gabol Baloch tribe in Karachi, Baran, Jacobabad, Sibi, Dadu, Kashmore, Ghotki, Badin, Alipur, Rajanpur, and many other areas including Gabols in Saudi Arabia.
At the age of 24 he joined the Pakistan Peoples Party, and since then has continuously won seats for the PPP. He has been elected for the fifth consecutive time in 2008 from the same constituency achieving a record ninety-six thousand votes while the runner up (MQM) managed only four thousand votes. Thus, apart from being a member of the Provincial and National assemblies of Pakistan several times, Gabol holds the distinction of being the youngest Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly.

Gabol had been included on a special PPP team to provide relief and reconciliation to Balochistan. He played a pivotal role in dissolving the Balochistan political crisis in March 2009[6] and is actively involved with different tribal heads and leaders of Balochistan so as to help the Baloch people, Gabol himself being a proud Baloch and loyal Pakistani.

Gabol has personally met Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of the UAE, and US President Bill Clinton. On his official trip to the United States, he was welcomed to the Illinois House of Representatives as a man "noted for his conciliatory approach to regional and organizational conflicts". 

He had resigned from his ministerial post, after some differences arose between him and the President Asif Ali Zardari over target killings in Karachi and lack of governments action towards stopping the atrocities, at the same time he stated lack of authority over his ministry as the principal reason for his resignation. [8] On 17th march, 2013, Gabol left PPP and joined MQM, as his differences got on peak with the leadership of the party and he announced that PPP is no more the party of Benazir or Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Personal life
Nabil Gabol enjoys outdoor life, especially his mountain territory around the Kirthar Mountains. His other hobbies include hunting, collecting guns and world travel. Gabol is also a licensed pilot with a Private Pilot License, and occasionally flies Cessna airplanes for recreation. He has two sons, the eldest being Nadir Khan Gabol[9] who is currently serving as a Pakistani diplomat in the USA, and Asad Gabol.

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