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Mushahid Ullah Khan

Mushahid Ullah Khan is a Pakistani senator from the Punjab who is a member of the Pakistan Muslim League (N). He has been a member of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology, the Standing Committee on Ports and Shipping, and the Standing Committee on Labour and Manpower. In 2012, he criticised government policies relating to the budget. 

He received his early education from Islamia High School, Rawalpindi where he drew inspiration from his Mathematics Instructor ‘Mr. Daulat Hussain’, and in so doing he groomed himself quite a bit. After his schooling he joined ‘Gordon College’ where he found a mentor in Mr C A. Peters. He ended up doing his Law Degree from ‘Jamia Karachi’. Throughout his academic career, he held his teachers in high esteem and still regards them as people who helped him transform into a better human being. He regards the contributions of Mrs. Jane and Mr. Daskawi as pivotal and significant, for he mentioned their names with great reverence.

A vigorous sportsman, Mushahidullah Khan has expertise in Cricket and Kabaddi. However, he likes watching tennis and football as well. During his childhood he used to enjoy kite flying, gulli danda, cards and carrum board; and used to idealize Chaiman Mao, Dr. Chee Soon Juan (Cuban Leader) and more importantly ‘Laila Khalid’ of PLO who served her cause with commitment and dedication. He had always wanted to be a social worker and he is the boy who made it. Mushahidullah Khan advises the young folk to have a sense of direction which would help them know their true selves.

His political career started when he joined IJT – Jamiat’s platform and worked with enthusiasm and zeal. He been the President of PIA Trade Union, President of Pyasi Union and Founder & President of Air League. He then joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) and made his mark as a dedicated worker. Currently his portfolio speaks volumes of his contributions to the party. He is the Central Vice President of the party. He remained Information Secretary of PML (N) – a coveted assignment and that too at a crucial time, when Mian Nawaz Sharif was in Attock Jail. He is Chief Coordinator of PML (N) Karachi. He is member of Central Working Committee and Secretary General - Labor Wing.

He joined the political band-wagon in Ayub Khan’s last regime and has indeed come a long way. He feels that Army must not interfere in politics and feels a dire need of restoring democracy and democratic values. He regards Maulana Maududi as a man of great intellect and finds a true leader in him. He feels that Mian Nawaz Sharif is a leader who has what it takes to steer this nation through success. Mushahidullah Khan is optimistic and feels that good times will come, provided we work with selflessness and dedication.

He feels that Education is the most important area. He believes that syllabus should be revamped in order to produce better citizens. Education needs to be looked into, for he feels that it is high time now. We must set our priorities right. Among the international leaders, he draws inspiration from Mahatir Muhammad, Hasan Nasrullah and Ahmedinejad. He feels that we need to work for Pakistan, day in and day out. ‘Fall of Dhaka’ really left a major impact on him and he loves Pakistan, for sure.
He has four brothers and two sisters. He is a father of four children who have faired well in life. The elder ones are done with their Masters Level education. 

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