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Keenjhar Lake

English: Grave of Noori, in the middle of Keen...
English: Grave of Noori, in the middle of Keenjahr Lake. Noori Wife of Jam Tamachi, is burried with her Murshid "Spritual Leader". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Keenjhar Lake (Urdu: ڪينجهر جھیلSindhi: ڪينجهر ڍنڍ) commonly called as Kalri Lake (Urdu: کلری جھیل ‎,Sindhi: ڪلڙي ڍنڍ ) is situated in Thatta District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is 122 km away from Karachi and 18 km away from Thatta town. It is the second largest fresh water lake of the Pakistan. It is an important source that provides the drinking water to Thatta District and Karachi city.[1]
Keenjhar Lake has been declared a ramsar site and a wildlife sanctuary. It is favorable area for habitat of winter migratory birds like Ducks, Geese, Flamingos, Cormorants, Shorebirds, Herons, Egrets, Ibises, Terns, Coots and Gulls. It has been observed that it is the breeding area of Night Heron, Cotton Teal, Purple Moorehen, and Pheasant Tailed Jacana.[2]
Keenjhar Lake is also a popular tourist resort. A large numbers of peoples visit there daily from Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta to enjoy picnic, swimming, fishing and boating.
The Sindhi legend of Noori Jam Tamachi took place around the lake, and to this day there is a shrine in the middle of the lake marking Noori's grave. Everyday hundreds of devotees visit the shrine.
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