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Justice 'Nasir- ul-Mulk

Justice 'Nasir- ul-Mulk (Urdu: ناصر الملک‎) is a justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and a former Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court.
Early life
Nasir ul Mulk S/O Kamran Khan was born on August 17, 1950 in Swat, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (former N.W.F.P).

  Education and Training

Mulk received an LL.B from the University of Peshawar in 1972. In 1976, he received a Barrister-at-Law from the Inner Temple, London.

  Professional career

Mulk practiced as a legal practitioner at Peshawar. He was also a part-time lecturer at Khyber Law College and Peshawar University. He has also delivered lectures as a guest speaker at N.W.F.P. He worked in the Provincial Services Academy with Probationer Officers of the Provincial Services.
Mulk was elected as Secretary General of the Peshawar High Court Bar Association in 1981. He was elected twice as President of Peshawar High Court Bar Association in 1990 and 1993, and from 1993 to 1994, Mulk was appointed as Advocate General of N.W.F.P.
He was promoted to Judge of Peshawar High Court June 6, 1994. On July 31, 2004, he was appointed as Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court. Mulk became Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on April 5, 2005.

  Important Cases

On 2 November 2007 Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan submitted an application to the Supreme Court asking that the Government be restrained from imposing martial law in Pakistan.[1] To this application a seven panel Supreme Court bench issued a stay order on 3 November 2007 against the imposition of an emergency. The bench was headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. The other members of the bench were Justice Rana Bhagwandas, Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Justice Nasirul Mulk, Justice Raja Fayyaz, and Justice Ghulam Rabbani. This stay order was ignored by the Chief of Army Staff and the emergency was imposed across the country.
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