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Importance of Gwadar port

According to media news Pakistan is handing over responsibility of its strategic Gawader port to Chinese company .The Gwadar port in Pakistan’s western province of Baluchistan was built in 2007 with the help of Chinese engineers. Total estimated cost of port is more than 1.5 billon dollars.

After construction Singapore company was running port affairs but after refusal of Singapore company now government has decided to hand over all responsibilities to Chinese company. Experts believe that due to strategic location and vital oil and Gas supply route Gawader port can play vital role in countrys progress and can generate more revenue than Karachi sea port. Experts also believe that due to strategic location and vital sea route Gawader sea port can also develop vital oil sea route among several countries.

Unfortunately due to worse peace situation in Baluchistan province, lack of government interest and lack of infra structure Gawader port is still not able to play its role in the progress and generate revenue for country falling economy. Some sources in government also fear that progress of Gawader port can minimize value of Karachi sea port. Although US and its allies have serious concern over Pakistan and China relations and recent takeover of Gawader port toChinese company but people of Pakistan are seeing recent step of government in positive direction. Only government keen interest, better facilities, improved infrastructure and more employment opportunities to local people can bring change in Gawader and Gawader sea port can play vital role in country’s economy.

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