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Guinness Record by Pakistani Surgeon

A Pakistani surgeon, The head of Surgical Department at the CDA Hospital, Dr. Naeem Taj, earns fame and good name for removing gallbladder of 25.5 centimeters size from the abdomen of a 77-year-old woman "Rasheeda Bibi" and set a new world record of removing such a large size gallbladder through laparoscopic procedure.

Dr. Syed Arshad Ali, Dr. Shabir Hussain, Dr. Naheeda, Dr. Tauqer, paramedical and nursing staff Ghulam Hussain, Naseem Awan, Nargis Batool, Malik M. Ismail, Ghulam Akbar and Aslam, assisted this unique kind of operation.

Dr. Naeem Taj informed that prior to this Dr. Manmohan Verma removed gallbladder of 25 centimeters from the abdomen of 50-year-old woman Karishna Devi in Kanpur, India, on August 17, 2009, which was performed by cutting abdomen, but the recent surgery was conducted through laparoscopic procedure.

He said that normally the size of gallbladder was estimated up to 8 centimeters and a normal operation takes only 30 minutes but this complicated operation was completed in 2 hours and all team members worked efficiently to remove the history’s largest gallbladder.

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