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Gawalmandi Lahore

Food street Lahore
Food street Lahore
Gawalmandi is an iconic town located in the central part of Lahore. It is regarded as the cultural centre of Lahore. The famous Food Street of Lahore is located here.


Besides the Food Street of Lahore.
King Edward Medical University, which is the second oldest medical college in the Indo-Pak subcontinent after King Edward College in Pakistan is also found here.
Mayo Hospital, which is largest tertiary care hospital in South Asia is located here as well, situated between Gawalmandi and the famous Anarkali bazaar.


Gawalmandi is the heart of the Basant festival in Pakistan with thousands of people flocking here each year to enjoy the festival.
The Food Street is flocked with people throughout the year who come from all over Pakistan to enjoy the food with their families. Thus, it is an important cultural centre.You may call it heart of Lahore City.
The Gawalmandi food street has been demolished by the current Punjab government, although the shops/ eateries continue doing their business as the traffic flows.
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