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Dow University of Health Sciences

Dow University of Health Sciences is a coeducational medical university and founded in 2003, in Karachi, Pakistan. It comprises already established school, Dow Medical College , as well as the newly formed Dow International Medical College, alongside the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases. The merger was done at the request of the administrators, faculty, and alumni of the colleges and was granted a full university charter as the Dow University of Health Sciences. In 2003, Sindh Medical College was also a part of the Dow University of Health Sciences. It also shares the curriculum, faculty, and other certain resources with the other affiliated institutions of DUHS, such as DMC (Dow Medical College) and Dow International Medical College. Later in 2012, Sindh Medical College achieved university status and thus became third medical university in Karachi.

Dow Institute of Medical Technology was established as a part of Dow University of Health Sciences in 2006. It is the first institute in Pakistan offering bachelors program in medical technology. It offers four-year Bachelor's programs in four disciplines: Clinical Pathology Technology, Surgical Technology, Respiratory and Critical Care Technology and Ophthalmology. Students in new disciplines including Radiology Technology, Echocardiography Technology and ECG Technology will be enrolled in the year 2011.

It is well established, but options for further studies are not present because medical technologists are not eligible in the programs and no one is interested to provide option for further education to the medical technologists 

Clinical Pathology: Clinical pathology technologists are the laboratory technologist well versed regarding the diagnosis of body fluids. They perform all the laboratory test and are the integral part of a diagnostic laboratory. 

Surgical Technology: Surgical technologists are the vital members of a surgical team well educated about the human anatomy, physiology and surgical interventions. They work closely with surgical personnel assuring appropriate aseptic techniques and contamination free surgical interventions. Moreover, they are aware of the technology and physics in the operating field. 

Respiratory and Critical Care Technology: Respiratory and critical care technologist are highly qualified members of the critical care team assuring patients' survival in the critical conditions. They are well aware of the chest and cardiac conditions and are required for quality patient care. 

Ophthalmic Technology: Ophthalmic technologists are trained about the eye conditions and work for the diagnosis and examination of pathologies of eyes. Most recently Dow University of Health Sciences has initiated a program to establish a visiting faculty. The purpose is to incorporate the expertise of local trained physician who has been training medical graduates inside Sindh in the courses being taught at the university.

Affiliated colleges and institutions 

Dow Medical College and Civil Hospital, Karachi 

Dow International Medical College 

Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases 

Dr. Ishrat-Ul-Ebad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences (DIKIOHS) 

Dow Institute of Health Management (IHM) 

Dow College of Pharmacy 

Dow Institute of Nursing (ION) 

Dow Institute of Medical Technology 

Dow Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Social service activities
Patients' Welfare Association, also known as PWA, is one of the largest and oldest student run volunteer NGO of Pakistan. Students of Dow Medical College have been managing it since 1979. The organization is a blessing for the poor patients coming to Civil Hospital Karachi, helping them through its Blood Bank, Drug Bank, Thalassemia Services, General and Tuberculosis Follow Up Clinics. 

The Journal of Pakistan Medical Students is a peer-reviewed, international journal from the students of Dow Medical College. It was started by Anis Rehman and Haris Riaz, from Batch of 2011. The Journal of the Dow University of Health Science is an online medical journal created and maintained by the school, consisting of contributions from students, faculties, and those abroad.

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