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Wasting Food, in Holy Quran

God promises to provide for our needs! So we should not waste it.

Food and drink are great bounties of Allah Ta`ala. Every grain of food and every drop of water or any halaal drink must be greatly appreciated. Wasting is the way of shaitaan. Allah Ta`ala says: "Indeed those who waste are the brothers of shaitaan. Verily shaitaan was most ungrateful to his Rabb" (S:17,V: 27). We have been especially warned against wasting food and drink. The Quraan-ul- Kareem proclaims: "Eat and drink and do not waste, verily Allah does not love those who waste." (S:7, V:31)

Gross Ingratitude

Delibrately wasting even a little food is an act of gross ingratitude. Ingratitude draws down the wrath of Allah Ta`ala, as is clearly mentioned in the Quran: "If you are grateful I will grant you increase (in your bounties) and if your are ungrateful then verily my punishment is very severe." (S: 14, V: 7)
Holy Quran - 14:7

The message of Islam is what it is referred here. Spreading a word about the only religion which shows the way of living, how to eat, what to eat, how to talk and each and every aspect of life is covered through Quran and Hadith.

Eat what Allah permits us and always keep a good relationship with our family members and our neighbours. May Allah will give us understanding to follow the Islam completely and properly. Please don't waste water and food in your daily life, save for next Generation. Let's make a prayer for the suffering in anywhere around the globe.
I hope this pictures will always as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are.

I will never waste my food I will never waste my food I will never waste my food

I will never waste my food

But.. They have No choice.. They just need some food to survive.
Think of them next time you say .. Roti here is too hard to eat !!
Think of them next time you throw the cafeteria food saying, its not tasty !!

I will never waste my food

Food is something you shouldn't waste
Even if you don't like the taste.
About the poor you should always think
And don't waste any food or drink
Only eat and drink what you need
Taking too much is called greed

Eat it, taste it - But don't waste it

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