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Darul-Uloom-Deoband India

The Darul Uloom Deoband  is the Darul uloom Islamic school in India where the Deobandi Islamic movement began. It is located at Deoband, a town in Saharanpur district, Uttar Pradesh. The school was founded in 1866 by the ulema (Islamic scholars) Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi, Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi and 'Abid Husaiyn.
In 1857, the British East India Company quashed the independence movement of north Indians acting under the name of Bahadur Shah Zafar. In 1858, Zafar, the last Mughal emperor was exiled. This marked a seminal moment for Islamic consciousness in India, especially for the established Muslim elites of north India. The defeat of 1857 was seen as the end of their political pre-eminence and the beginning of a dark period of Muslim history in India.

In 1283 AH (21 May 1866 CE), a group of theologians led by Muhammad Qasim Nanautawi, established the Darul ‘Uloom Seminary in Deoband. Their aim was to preserve the Islamic culture and educate the children and the youth in the knowledge of Islam. Nanautawi said he was inspired by a dream in which Muhammad spoke to him.  The founders kept the seminary separate from political influence. Instead, it was to be supported by voluntary contributions.

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