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The Fonder of Pakistan

Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, is commonly called as Quaid-e-Azam (the great leader). Against heavy odds, almost single handedly, Jinnah won a life of freedom and dignity for Muslims of the South Asian Subcontinent. The second largest Muslim country i.e. Pakisatn came in to existence on 14 August 1947. He was lawyer by profession. He first joined all India Congress in Indian subcontinent to get rid of the British rule in India and then he faught for the cause of Muslims in the sub-continent and joined All India Muslim League. Due to his untiring efforts and hard work, Mr. Jinnah's health deteriorated and he died in Karachi on September 11, 1948, just after one year of creation of Pakistan. He is buried in Karachi Pakistan. The nation celeberates his birth anniversary on December 25 as he was born in Karachi on December 25, 1876. 

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