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History of Pakistan International Airlines

English: Pakistan International's first L1049C...
English: Pakistan International's first L1049C Super Constellation at London Heathrow Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Birth of a Nation, Birth of an airline
Air transport has probably never been more important for the development of a new nation as in the case of Pakistan. In June 1946, when Pakistan were in prospect, Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the coming nation, Mr. MA Ispahani, a leading industrialist, to establish a national airline of priority. With his unique vision and foresight, Mr. Jinnah knew that with the formation of the two wings of Pakistan, from 1100 miles separate a fast and efficient transport was imperative.

Orient Airways Takes to the Skies
On 23 October 1946 was born a new airline. registered first as a pilot project in Calcutta had Orient Airways Ltd. on top Mr. MA Ispahani as Chairman and Air Vice Marshal OK Carter as General Manager. The new airline was based in Calcutta and an operating permit was May, will receive 1947th
Four were Douglas DC-3 began to pace Texas in February 1947 and operations on 4 Bought in June 1947. The planned route for Orient Airways was Calcutta-Rangoon-Akyab which are flown by chance also registered the first post-war sector of an airline in India. Operational within two months beginning Orient Airways Pakistan was born. The birth of a new nation produces one of the largest transfers of the population in the history of mankind.
Orient Airways, together with the help of BOAC aircraft, which had been chartered by the Pakistani government began relief operations and transport of people between Delhi and Karachi, the two main cities. Then, Orient Airways transferred its base in Pakistan and became an important link between Karachi and Dhaka, the two main cities of the two wings of Pakistan. With a fleet of skeleton only two DC-3s, three crew members and twelve mechanics, Orient Airways has planned its operations in a magical way. The first routes were Karachi Lahore Peshawar, Karachi-Quetta-Lahore and Karachi-Delhi-Calcutta-Dacca. By the end of 1949, Orient Airways had 10 DC-3 and three Convair 240s were purchased operating on these routes. In 1950 it was increasingly clear that additional capacity would have taken to meet the growing needs of the subcontinent needs.

A new national airline for Pakistan
Orient Airways was a privately held company with limited capital and resources. It could not be expected to grow and expand its independent. It was then that the government of Pakistan decided to form a state-owned airline and invited Orient Airways to merge with it. The result of the merger was the birth of a new airline, by regulation, PIAC 10th 1955 January 1955.
In addition to the activities of transport, Orient Airways had the core of the overhaul and maintenance of facilities created and acquired trained pilots, engineers and technicians, measures that proved a great addition to PIA during their teething phase.

PIA's First International Service
The year 1955 also marked the inauguration of the fledgling airline's first scheduled international service - to the glittering, dazzling capital city, London, via Cairo and Rome. At first it was a lot of criticism because the public does not understand or could serve to justify the need for international route if they think should be given to other projects of vital importance for a developing country has a higher priority. However, PIA was focusing and will continue to assist the Pakistani community. The provision of transport for expatriates is one of the top priorities of the national airline remained. In addition, PIA earns substantial foreign exchange through international services that it invested in the purchase of aircraft and spare parts, as the fleet was a grave necessity for the airline.

New aircraft, New Directions, New Management
In 1956, orders for two Super Constellation and five Viscounts, delivered in 1959 were made. At this point, PIA is a small fleet of Convair, Viscounts, Super Constellation and consists of DC-3 had.
While Mr. MA Ispahani was the first chairman of the new dynamic airline, it was the first managing director of PIA, Mr. Zafar-ul-Ahsan, who was in his 4 years in office, roll the ball really, and set the shape of things to come. The PIA headquarters building at the Karachi airport, all major departments of the airline's houses, was the brain-child of Mr. Zafar-ul-Ahsan. In fact, on his departure from the airline employees put him with a silver replica of the building with the caption, "The House made you."
In 1959 the Government appointed by Pakistan Air Commodore Khan only as Managing Director of PIA. With his visionary leadership, "pulling" PIA and within a short span of 6 years, won the stature and status of one of the world on the front line support. In aviation, this period is often referred to as the "golden years of the PIA.
Development, expansion and growth were the keywords that the new management was committed. In March 1960, PIA has started its first Boeing 707 jet service on the London-Karachi-Dacca, Route, which is later to be very successful. This breakthrough performance resulted in PIA the first Asian airline to operate a jet aircraft, trends for the future. In 1961 the airline took on the mammoth task of initiating a cross-Atlantic service from Karachi to New York. At that point, PIA orders for new aircraft more, the Fokker F-27, Boeing and Sikorsky placed 720Bs included. Helicopter Services in East Pakistan had acquired momentum through 1962 and include extended to Sylhet, Chittagong, Dhaka, Comilla and Ishurdi. PIA helicopter services provided over 70,000 passengers in the first year of operation. At the time it was a stellar operation, like all other views in the world. Unfortunately, because of two periods, the service was set in 1966.

Historical Records and Firsts Unbroken
In 1962, the forecast upper winds are favorable, stated PIA to break the record for the FASB flight between London and Karachi. With representatives of FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) on board to monitor the official timings, completed the PIA flight in 6 hours, 43 minutes, 51 seconds, a record that remains unbroken to this day.
In 1964 PIA achieved another historic first seen as a major milestone in the eventful history of the airline. On 29 April 1964, a Boeing 720B, PIA earned the distinction of being the first airline from a non-communist country in the People's Republic of China to fly. PIA first service to China from Karachi to Shanghai via Canton. 1964/65, is expanding its fleet further with the addition of a fourth PIA Boeing 720B and two Fokker F-27. Serious development had become reality and the PIA team will take forward ambitious plans and goals for the national airline.
A collective pride and joyous buoyancy was omnipresent in the PIA family. Riding high on the crest of success, PIA has been a household name in Pakistan in the mid-sixties. The war between India and Pakistan, during 1965, another bed of the national airline. PIA has played an important role in providing logistical support for the armed forces by operating special flights with Boeing, Super Constellation and Viscounts. The founder of the Nation, had predicted Mr. Jinnah, the Pakistan Air Force would be to support a civilian airline under special circumstances, must, and this was in evidence during the war.
In 1966 to link a system of feeder services, eight new points in West Pakistan was introduced. At that time the airline as Viscounts were inappropriate because of increases in traffic and had to replace Trident. The airline put the growth curve, inclusion of two Fokker F-27, two Boeing 707 and a trident in the following year.

Style, Glamour and charisma
During this time, the airline saw a change in the top slot. Air Vice Marshal Asghar Khan took over the reigns of PIA for a term of 3 years. A number of highlights in this period due. The most colorful, if not the most important was for PIA occurrence of the introduction of a new air-hostess' uniform by none other than the famous designer French, Pierre Cardin designed. Move under the aviation world by storm, this, more than any other single factor , imprinted with PIA on the international market. The uniforms were an instant hit, both at home and abroad.
Safety Management System to PIA
PIA is the first airline certification (initial certification) on Safety Management System (SMS) received by Civil Aviation Authority CAA - Pakistan. CAA Aviation Order (ANO 91.0032 published in September 2008) is binding on all airlines operating in Pakistan to have SMS. Long before the issue of the ANO conducted PIA SMS awareness and implementation in July 2008. PIA awarded initial certification on SMS in 27th February 2009 from CAA.

The Pursuit of Excellence through Technology and Quality Control
Not content with a series of historic firsts under its belt, PIA made history again, by the installation of Pakistan's first computer, an IBM1401, in 1967. PIA first engine overhaul shop, near the headquarters building was also completed and put into operation at this time. The Ground Training School (GTS) is now known as PIA Training Centre, was first conceived and developed during 1961-62. Interestingly, the training was initially in the T-shaped building, which now gives the PIA Dispensary become close to the main building.
Besides the visible development and growth of traffic and revenue in the sixties, PIA has additional destinations, new equipment and modern technology to support its growing operation. A new hangar for Boeing jet with a supporting cell overhaul shop was completed and put into operation 1968th
In 1970, set a kitchen PIA flight to Karachi, which still offers to the national airline and other carriers. Over the years with the airline expansion and increased capacity, the need for a second flight kitchen was essential.

* Beginning of a new era of growth and development
PIA announced the nineties by creating a bright new corporate identity. Vintage may remember the flutter that the older green and gold livery had created when he first introduced in 1974. However, in line with the changing times, PIA introduced a smart, sporty 90-look. The familiar PIA was green were streaked with moss green and light blue enhanced integrated into the new corporate identity. The strip, a universal symbol of sport PIA highlighted the active participation and sponsorship of a diverse range of national games. PIA players have always been at the forefront of Pakistani cricket, hockey, squash, football, chess, bridge, polo and table tennis team. The nineties also saw the expansion of the massive PIA Haj and Umrah operations to smaller cities of Pakistan, in addition to the major cities of Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi.
PIA's growth continues unabated and the airline now operates globally for the entire domestic landscape and international destinations on 4 continents.
Impressive statistics for a relatively young airline? Since its founding in 1955, PIA has indeed come a long way.

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