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Top High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives


Top High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives
Why the need for alternative?
Google is undoubtedly the most used search engines. Google adsense is the best opportunity. The needs for alternatives arrive perhaps because it has worked hard to reach to its top position. To continue being the best, they have fixed very strict guideline for getting license. Furthermore your account can be banned for little mistakes and if you break any of their rules. It is often very difficult to meet their expectations and the money is sometimes a little less than what you anticipate.
What you should do?
If you have failed to get approval of Google adsense or your account has been banned, do not panic. First of all, try to understand where you made the mistake. Make sure that you never compromise on the quality of your work. Once you have ensured that you have produced your best work, look around for alternatives. There are many alternatives to Google adsense which give good money and are not so strict in their guidelines and regulations.
The best alternatives
There are a number of options to choose from
  • Tribal fusion
It is a good substitute but once again has some very strict guidelines and limitations, for instance they have specified the number of traffic which must visit your blog, your quality must be top notch and you must have a unique domain.
  • Exit junction
It is slightly different working ad on than Google adsense but pays good if you have decent number of clicks. It will show the relevant ad as a pop up window to your visitor
  • Media.net
It provides best rates without any strict rules. You can get good payment if your traffic is satisfactory.
  • Buysellads
This works slightly different than usual. It does not pay you for the number of clicks. Instead it pays you for the space for advertisement. Advertiser will buy space on your website via them and you would get 75% of the payment
  • Yahoo! Bing network
You need to have good traffic and excellent content to earn their approval
  • Infolinks
There are no limitations for approval on this site. You must have good textual content to get their approval. After that you will get paid according to the number of clicks.
  • Chitika
It is a search targeted advertising company. Approval is easy to get and you get paid according to traffic


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